What is History?

History is written by the victors, or so I’ve been told and American History is very much that. Throughout the American educational system, we are taught to believe certain things about our Country. Things to make us love it, revere it, and see it as the best on Earth. To see it as a shining light, a beacon of democracy to the World. But this is done by leaving out so much of the important stuff.

Sadly, our Country has a habit of not wanting to talk about the so-called “hard” or “uncomfortable truths” of the United States. Here in the 21st Century, we have several people going as far as to erase events and/or people from public knowledge in an attempt to cull the existence of anything that does not align with the America that they want to present. That WILL NOT happen on this page. Here we discuss ALL things history and all things on the origins of the United States. And I’m definitely not afraid of the “UGLY STUFF.”

On this site, you’ll get truths, even the hard ones, but you’ll go away with a better understanding of this Country and why some things are the way they are. The whole point is to impart knowledge and start a real conversation about things we didn’t know or want to know more about.

The Herstorian

I’m Gracia and I LOVE HISTORY! I mean REALLY LOVE IT! My goal is that we can learn and grow together in the fascinating world of American History through the ALL-INCLUSIVE HISTORY that you will find on this site. For me, the real crux of what we know as “American History” is what we are taught about our foundation, the 17th through 19th centuries. So most history featured on these pages will reflect that time period. I have this saying, “I love the Why. I love beginnings, and here is where we find our beginning. What happened in these years brings us to today’s problems.” It all started here and we are going to find out how and why together.

I look forward to sharing All-inclusive American History with you.

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